Produced by natives of the ethnic Wounaan of the Colombian Pacific coast.
Fiber werregue palm is used for the production of basketry from traditional techniques and the region 's own raw materials.


The plated chaff of wheat, is a process that involves selecting the dry stalks of wheat, flattenning them by using a stone, and adhering to the wood, forming a sheet. In some cases the fibers are dyed different colors or exposed to heat to darken.


It is the fruit of a tree in whose interior is the seed, and it is used by farmers and indigenous communities to transport water or cane juice, or as cookware.


It is a tropical palm, which is used by artisans within the country for layering different woods.


It is the seed of the palm Phytelephas macrocarpa , which grows in tropical rain forests of the Pacific región.  The pulp is ivory with dark veins, also known as vegetable ivory.


Waste bark coconut is processed, giving special breaks for after;  polishing, veneering , resining and lacquering.


The raw material is guacamaya sisal and white straw. The technique involves covering straw rolls sisal yarns of different colors. It was created by the first Laches Indian villagers and has been taught from generation to generation.


The grated silver has to be worked without any alliance (Act 999 ) to shape only by hand, because of the malleability of the material.

Hand grating, is a manual process applied to parts that offer a matte and milky appearance, providing a thin , clean texture.


The filigree is a goldsmith technique of making very fine threads with silver metal, forming a pattern similar to a lace, is a lightweight piece.